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Below is an infographic I created in order to highlight the various barriers that international students face during their time within U.S. universities

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Many international students find that their biggest issue in the transition to university is communication. A large body of students feel that not enough resources are given to help them translate and progress academically.  This along with the large cultural shock awaiting them negates a smooth transition into college life.

International students tuition fees can be up to three times greater than In State residents 

According to Top Universities, International Students face the highest university fees which can be up to three times greater than what an In-State resident pays.

International Student Awareness

This chart displays data from a study performed in a university where 153 post graduate students were asked to gauge their incidences of racism and discrimination. Of the 153 students interviewed, 49 of them stated they experienced a form of racism and 15 denied the interview due to feeling too distressed or angry. 

Those who experienced racism described acts of swearing, physical assault, being told to go back to their own country and other horrid experiences, There is a considerable investment and effort devoted into attracting international students however, far less attention is paid to the experiences of international students once they arrive at the host institution. This means there is a lack of accountability and responsibility within higher education as far as taking care of international students.

When possible, speak slowly and avoid figures of speech

Express genuine interest in their lives, background, culture, and families

Help them proofread or compose an essay

Show them scholarships that they may qualify for

Stand up for them if they are being discriminated against

Tuition Comparison

Racism Incidences

Language Barrier

How can you help?

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